Fabrication, Alteration or Restoration. Built to last.

Custom Furniture

Custom Marine Woodworking

Our custom furniture is built to last a lifetime. We work with a wide variety of wood suppliers and do our research to provide you with beautiful, high-quality wood for your specific project. Everything we do is custom built. We offer at home consultations to brainstorm and measure up the area/space to ensure your furniture is aesthetically pleasing and functions efficiently for day-to-day use. Let your imagination run wild; Wenneker Woodworks will get it done! We will provide you with a product that will leave your guests speechless.

Do you have a piece of furniture that could use a freshening up, or have you moved to a new home and need your furniture altered to fit its new location? We can do that! We have extensive restoration experience in our shop on furniture of any age. Our industrial finishing room is equipped to match any new restorations or alterations to its original color and shine. 


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